Hey all,

We’re still alive! Site’s been a little quiet lately but rest assured, we have not. This year’s been a busy one for the gentlemen of Buffalo Gospel. We spent the early part of 2016 writing and rehearsing for our new full-length record. Drummer Nick was relatively new to the fold and has since become like an old sweater — warm and tattered in spots but strangely comforting. Just kidding. Nick’s great and we’re so happy to have him aboard (that’s a boat reference).

We played a few shows and then hit the road for a short but eventful tour of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa. Living rooms, dining rooms, empty offices, breweries, barns — we had a blast. It was an incredibly valuable opportunity to workshop the new songs in front of some wonderfully attentive and supportive audiences. Nothing broke down, with the exception of my back. I got to sleep on floors again. Something I’ve been saying was in the rearview — even though I knew, deep down, I was lying to myself. Thanks to everyone who shared a meal, bought a ticket, bought some merchandise, told a friend and most of all, hosted a show. We can’t wait to see you all again, soon.

When we got home from tour, we took just enough time to pop some Advil, take a shower and throw a load of laundry in before we were back on the road and headed to Eau Claire. We spent five glorious days at our friend Brian’s studio — appropriately named the Hive. It’s a beautiful piece of property in the woods. Big house up on a hill. Horse barn that’s been lovingly converted into a recording studio. The perfect place and person to record LP #2 (code name: Give’r ’till You Get There’ — absolutely kidding). We shared Bit’o’Honeys, countless pots of coffee, told dirty jokes and peed outside. Brian is now our brother.

Buffalo Gospel recorded 12 songs in five days. A few alternate versions. A few relatively minor rewrites. One of those twelve songs will be on a compilation of regional bands that will be out early next year. More on that to come. Another one of the twelve got cut. It’ll be on something, someday, and we’ll play it live. It just didn’t feel like part of the family. So we’ve got ten songs. Right now, about 44 minutes of music. Those ten songs feel like a family. Some sad songs, some happy songs, some living songs, some dying songs, some laughing songs, some crying songs, some love songs, some murder songs, some drinking songs, a trucker song. I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that I/we am/are extremely proud of what we did in those woods. It never felt like work. I think that’s how it’s supposed to feel.

The band got home and spent a little time apart. A few weeks later, Kevin and I drove back up for a long weekend to work on vocals and watch some of the most fantastic guest musicians I could have hoped for shine their ridiculous talents all over these songs.

So that’s where we’re currently at. We’ve played a few more shows since and are beginning the mixing phase of the record this week.

Our next show is 10/28 at the Milwaukee Art Museum for their Museum After Dark concert series. We’ll be playing a bunch of the new songs and a bunch of the old ones.

Hope to see you. All the love,

RN and BG